SD Express/UHS-II Verification Program (SVP)


SVP Overview

The SDA Compliance Committee has developed the SD Express/UHS-II Verification Program (SVP).  This new verification program checks the electronic interface of UHS-II and SD Express cards/products, giving consumers and businesses higher confidence that devices passing SVP meets the interface standards, while ensuring compatibility based on the Physical Test Guideline.

Once approved, the list of verified devices will be available to SDA members and the public on the SDA public website so that buyers/consumers can choose products with a higher confidence.



Eligible devices are Card/Host/Ancillary products that use SD Express and/or UHS-II.  SVP is a voluntary program available exclusively to SDA members.

Designated Testing Lab:

Granite River Labs (GRL) with labs located in Asia and US.


The SD Association will subsidize 75% of the testing cost for the first members that take advantage of this program.  There is a limited budget* for subsidizing, so take advantage of this offer while it lasts. GRL will invoice your company directly after testing is complete.  We will notify you when the budget is depleted.


Member Cost in USD (after 75% subsidized amount by SDA):


  • UHS-II products:  $900 for the first card/host device, and $600 for additional UHS-II devices, if submitted at the same time.


  • SD Express products:  $1,500 for the first card/host device, and $1,100 for additional SD Express devices, if submitted at the same time.


*Note: The allocated budget for subsidization is limited and the above pricing will only be available until that budget is fully utilized, allowing for about 11 UHS-II devices and 14 SD Express devices.



  • You will be responsible for shipping your device(s) to the GRL facility. GRL will contact you after you complete the application with full shipping information.


  • Devices are tested to confirm signal integrity based on “Physical 7.10 Test Guideline for Card Version 1.10”

  • If the product's test result is “Failed,” or the test is not completed, you will only receive the result, not the analysis of the result. The testing process is designedonly set to provide a pass or fail, not the full analysis of why it may have failed

  • Host manufacturers: Provide product manuals with your device to allow the designated lab to be able to test fully informed

  • Timeframe to receive test results may vary

Test Shuttle:

GRL is offering a discount to members for volume testing. This discount program is called the Test Shuttle, and it applies to a group of members who test the same product types together during the same time period.   The SDA will announce Test Shuttle periods three times a year, estimated to occur each September, January and May. Watch your email for announcements with exact dates. 

  • The first Test Shuttle starts this September 2021.  

    *  All companies must submit their applications for testing by September 13, 2021.  

           *  Their product(s) must arrive at GRL by October 15, 2021.

  • The discount requires two or more members to test the same product type – UHS-II or SD Express. The more members testing the same product types, the greater the discount!


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