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To request a speaker for your event, please complete the form below.

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Provide the target audience (industries and titles), as well as anticipated number of attendees.
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In order to help us secure the best possible speaker for your needs, please list the specific topic(s) you would like the speaker to cover.
What are your needs and deadlines from the speaker (i.e., session description, photo, biography, copy of presentation materials, release form to be signed, etc)?
Is this an established event or is this its inaugural (first) year? If it has been held before, please provide attendance results.
What press and analysts have been secured to attend the event? What press and analysts have attended in the past?
Have any event sponsors been committed? If so, please list sponsor names and industries.
Is there an exposition hall or exhibit area as part of this event?
If any type of exhibits will occur, please note the scope of exhibitor industries and/or businesses you will pursue to have purchase space.