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An Introduction to SD Standards

SD standards enable manufacturers to deliver high-performance products that enhance the experience of millions of people every day who listen to music, record videos, take photos, save data and use a mobile phone.

As the industry standard, the SD standard is utilized across multiple market segments of the portable storage industry, including mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, personal computers, tablets, printers, car navigation systems, electronic books, and many other consumer electronic devices.

Universal, portable and convenient SD standards lead the market today and will continue to evolve with the future of the digital world.

SD standards let users transfer data from one device to another. This unique feature gives consumers the ultimate flexibility and convenience to store and share digital contents anytime and anywhere.

Memory cards developed to the SD standard are solid state, rugged, reliable, interoperable and easy to use. Plus, they are available in a variety of formats, capacities, speed classes, and shapes, including SD memory cards, miniSD memory cards and microSD memory cards.

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SD Standard Memory Cards

Simplified Specification Downloads

Simplified versions of selected SD memory card specifications are available for download by developers. To get access to the full specifications, simply join the SD Association.

Available Simplified Specifications:

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