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How to Start Using SD Standards in Your Product

Memory Cards

If your company is planning to use SD standards to manufacture SD memory cards (eg. flash memory card, ROM cards, SD I/O combination cards, miniSD cards or microSD cards) or contract to have SD memory card standards manufactured by a third party on your behalf, your company is required to:

  1. Execute an SDA License Agreement with the SD Card Association
  2. Contact the SD-3C, LLC at to execute a Card License Agreement (CLA) with the SD-3C, LLC *
  3. Execute a Copy Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM) License by contacting the 4C Entity, LLC at: or visit *

Host and Ancillary Products

If your company is planning to manufacture or have manufactured SD standard devices  (eg. cell phones, cameras or computers) or SD ancillary products (eg. adapters or SD I/O cards), your company is required to:

  1. Execute a SDA License Agreement with the SD Card Association
  2. Contact the SD-3C, LLC at to enter into a Host/Ancillary Product License Agreement (HALA) *

Research and Development Phase

If your company is in the R&D phase and needs access to the SD specifications, a one year (non-membership) contract is available. Your company is required to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete Non-Disclosure Agreement and
  2. Provide payment of $1000 USD to SD Association.

If your company becomes a member of the SD Association within ninety (90) days of the effective date of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, then the SD Association will credit the $1000 fee towards your membership.


* Each company considering executing any license has the obligation to understand and interpret license agreements themselves and should seek the advice of their own legal counsel as necessary. Any information provided by the SD Association with respect to third-party licensors is provided merely as an accommodation and should not be regarded as authoritative.  You are solely responsible for determining the need for, and applicability of, various SD technology licenses to your particular situation, determining the scope and validity of the rights being licensed, and the negotiation of any license agreements with such third parties.

The SD Association is not responsible for administering or negotiating the terms of licenses with third-parties (including without limitation the SD-3C, LLC or the 4C Entity, LLC) or identifying  license rights that may be desirable or required for particular product implementations.  Please see the License Assurance and Disclosure statements filled by third-parties with the SD Association regarding claimed third-party intellectual property applicable to SD Specifications.  The implementer is solely responsible for identifying, evaluating, and, if needed, negotiating and acquiring licenses to third party intellectual property required for product implementations.