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SD Standards Overview

SD standards are available in three capacities: SD standard, SDHC standard and SDXC standard. Each of these formats has a variety of speed options, giving product developers the flexibility they need to create products for a variety of needs. The standards have the broad interoperability and compatibility needed to ensure support between multiple devices and for future applications.

SDXC Memory Cards: Massive Storage

The SDXC memory card standard dramatically improves consumers’ digital lifestyles and provides more upgradability choices by increasing storage capacity from above 32 GB up to 2 TB. SDXC standards will allow your electronic devices – from tablets to cameras, camcorders, TVs, HDD recorders/players, PNDs and mobile phones – to store and download more content than ever before. An SDXC memory card enabled with UHS will be able to move that data faster than ever before.

SD StandardFamily

SD Standard Formats: