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Join the SD Association

Membership delivers the latest information from the SD Association, including access to new standards development, Association developed specifications, the opportunity to license symbols and marks that allow you to properly develop products and solutions and maintain compatibility with other SD devices.

As a member, you have the opportunity to participate in SD Association activities and take part in advancing the technology of the industry’s leading memory card and host device standard.

If your company is planning to engage in design and development which utilizes SD standards, you need to join the Association today. By joining the Association, you are able to obtain an SDA License Agreement.

Two levels of membership are offered in the SD Association, Executive and General membership. See side-by-side comparison of membership benefits.

Only SD Association membership provides complete access to SD standards, allowing members to design interoperable products and the opportunity to take part in advancing the future of industry-leading SD standards.

How to Apply for Membership

  1. Choose Executive membership or General membership, agree to the Terms and Conditions of membership, and complete the Online Application Form.
  2. Print and sign one copy of the following:
  3. Make payment of first year membership.
    •  Please note: If paying by wire transfer, all associated wire transfer fees must be paid by the member company.
    • If paying by credit card, please complete and return the Credit Card Payment Form.
  4. Login details for the Members Area will be distributed after SD Association's receipt of payment

SD Association Membership Levels

Executive Membership

Executive membership is tailored for companies wanting to participate directly on the board, committees and working groups. This membership level gives companies the ability to influence the direction of the Association and standards. Executive members may be elected to serve on the Board of Directors, attend all meetings, vote on all SD Association issues, and receive all association publications.

  • Executive Membership is $4,500 (US $) annual fee (Apply Now)

General Membership

General membership is for those companies wanting access to completed SD standards. This level of membership provides an easy option for companies interested in using Association symbols, marks and other Association materials for their innovative products.

  • General Membership is $2,000 (US $) annually (Apply Now)


Important Member Documents

Membership Agreement requires the applicant to read, understand, and agree to fully support and abide by, all of the principles, policies and procedures as set forth in the SD Association's By-laws, Antitrust Guidelines and Intellectual Property Policy. Annual member dues are automatically billed to the member company unless the member officially resigns from SD Association membership in writing to the SD Association office at least 30 days prior to renewal date.